In Batch++, you write your commands in the same way, except that you start your function with a colon and the wsys command and end the function with a colon. This enables the interpreter to know where to start and where to end. This allows for the use of multiple functions on one line, something you cannot do in normal batch files.


(Normal Batch File)

color 0a

echo Hello World! 

(Batch++ Way!)

:wsys color 0;

:wsys echo Hello World;
(Note: The Reason we use the wsys command is so that we developers have the flexibility to add different commands when necessary, such as the Mouse Move and the Beep commands)

(Batch++ Way :: Single Line, Multiple Functions)

:wsys color 0a; :wsys Hello World;

Note that single line use is no the only perk, this system also gives the developer the ability to add additional functionality without interfering with normal batch functionality.